Modern Skirting Boards

There are so many options when it comes to choosing skirting boards that fit your home. With the constant evolvement of interior design, in today’s age more and more homeowners are looking for modern skirting boards.

Modern Skirting Board Profiles

Whether you’re looking for a minimalist skirting board or something a little louder, Skirting Boards Direct manufactures the very best in modern skirting board profiles.

Simple and minimalist designs are currently on-trend and this is continually growing. In particular, skirting boards featuring a groove are hugely popular due to the simple yet modern look they achieve. In contrast to this, clean square skirting boards that create a simplistic look to fit into any room are proving in demand. Examples of modern skirting boards include:

  • Bullnose Manchester skirting board
  • Small Empire skirting board
  • Square edge skirting board
  • Bevelled skirting boards
  • Double step skirting boards

Modern Skirting Board Options

There are countless options when it comes to modern skirting boards, whether you want a clean white profile or an intricate design.

Skirting boards are pretty much essential to any space unless significantly more is spent on joining walls to floors without them. Whilst many people might not think of skirting boards as being modern, they are and can adapt to any space. If you want a classic and original look there are options, but if you want a modern and sleek look, there are just as many.

Skirting Boards Direct offer a wide variety when it comes to choices in modern skirting boards. From oak and MDF to pine and beech, you can choose from a range of materials to suit your room.

Skirting Boards for Modern Homes

We create our skirting boards with your homes and interiors in mind, we strive to make products that fit into every style of space and suit your needs. All of our skirting boards are handmade in our Birmingham base and can be made bespoke to suit your needs.

Our modern range of skirting boards combine form with function, easily integrating into contemporary spaces with their clean lines and detailing. A modern skirting board should provide simplicity and minimalism, allowing them to avoid disrupting the flow of spaces but instead complementing it.

Modern skirting boards are proving popular in new homes as well as older period homes, matching modern interiors as well as breathing fresh life into designs that are being renovated. Modern skirting boards create a beautiful contrast with older interiors, mixing the old with the new.

Order Your Skirting Boards

Finding modern styled skirting boards couldn’t be easier with Skirting Boards Direct – simply search for your desired style or get in touch if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality modern skirting boards at the most competitive prices on the web. We are devoted to providing our customers with the exact skirting boards they need, achieving this with our excellent customer service and wide range of products available.