Christmas decorations have long gone, we are still in the midst of winter, and maybe you are getting fed up with the bare feeling that seems to surround the rooms in the house at this time of year? The thing to remember is a mini makeover (enhancement) of your room is not as difficult to achieve as you might think, and it certainly will be a fraction of the cost. Here we will give you some ideas about how you can achieve this.

Choosing the Right Flooring

Maybe you have a carpet that looks tired and a simple case of deep cleaning it will bring the carpet and room back to life? Has your laminate floor faded, in which case a good polish will be just the job that is needed? Unless your carpet or flooring is badly damaged there is no need to replace it with new – although of course, this is always an option.


Wall Design

You may find your current wallpaper boring, or that it has seen better days. The temptation can be to just rip it all off and start again. Whilst this sounds easy it can actually be a big job and end up quite meticulous. Instead, think about getting the paint out and giving the walls a blast with the brush and roller. Sometimes walls can get stains on them – smoke, mould, condensation etc and this can lead to us thinking the walls are in a worse state than they actually are. If you want to spice up the walls, then hang paintings or pictures – here you can change the composition of the wall or wallpaper without actually having to touch it!


Skirting Boards

We couldn’t write an article on room enhancement without mentioning these! The process of adding new skirting boards is not all that complicated and if the area you are working on is fairly small, this can be easily done. You don’t even need to go this extreme. A simple clean of your skirting boards can bring them back to life. If that fails try gloss painting them for a bright and fresh finish. Experimenting with different colours is also a possibility.

Interior Lighting

Once again, altering your lighting can range from anything to a complete electrical re-wire (and all that follows) or something far easier (and probably equally as effective as the end result!)

– Ever thought about adding or changing a lampshade to bring a new style to your room?

– Floor lamps are an easy addition to the room which will not cost a lot, yet transform the room with colour and presence.

They say that changing your style or clothes can make you feel better about yourself. In the same way and using some of the above points as examples, small changes can make you look at your room in a much better and different way.


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