Wallpaper Trends 2021

Interior design trends are always changing, and with that usually comes new wallpaper trends. Over the past few years we’ve gone from duck-egg bird wallpapers to textured walls, but what does 2021 hold for the new and improved wallpaper trends? Read this blog post to find out more!

Maximalism is maximising

Are you into big bold and brave patterns? Then you’re in for a treat, maximalism is the way forward this 2021, and we’d say this daring look is here to stay.

We’re talking an arresting mix of leopard prints, pleating and patchworks, together with stars, stripes and metallic hides, demonstrating that more can literally be more. People are feeling like they want more out of their plain walls and maximalism is definitely the way forward! Pairing this bold look with more neutral features such as skirting boards create a modern contrast and finish to any room.

Nature is all around us


Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds, and it will only escalate over the next few years. With so many people connecting with nature over lockdown, we just can’t get enough! Increased awareness of natural resources has led to an increased desire to repair, repurpose and recycle.

We’re talking about big bold greens, leaves, vines and much more. Nature really is all around us.

Floral is blossoming

Floral is IN! Vintage, retro or contemporary, you name it – get those big blooms all over your walls, because this year is definitely all about the big, the bold and the colourful flowers.

Bold graphics


We talked about bold greenery and nature wallpaper, but the list goes on. Bold graphics are definitely not a thing to be missed this year. Interiors referencing bold elemental geometric arrangements, subtle raised relief to monochrome palettes, these designs really know how to channel the comfort found in your own home.
Dark and dramatic colours

Dark colours used to be avoided as often this would be misinterpreted as making a room seem dark and dingy. However, with an eclectic use of space, well-placed lighting and shapes, deeper royal blues and luxurious emerald greens are making a comeback.

Wallpaper trend summary

Whether you’re feeling adventurous and want to go big and bold or connect with nature, we hope this post has given you insight into some great wallpaper ideas for 2021 and beyond. At Skirting Boards Direct we are all about the interior design trends of today and making homes look their best, we don’t just supply bespoke skirting boards but a range of products alongside providing advice and support on interior furnishing and finishes with our products.