Most Popular Skirting Board Designs

When it comes to the style of skirting boards, there is a lot to choose from. The options available when designing your home can get a little boggling at the best of times, so we have had a look at our sales for the past year here at Skirting Boards Direct and found our most popular styles of skirting boards to sell overall.


Victorian skirting board designs are crafted to sympathetically replicate a timeless moulding design from the Victorian period. This design has been a classic for hundreds of years and fits into a variety of home styles.

Victorian period skirting boards are generally larger than modern skirting boards, so fit well into rooms with high ceilings and generous floor spaces. Your home doesn’t have to be period to house a Victorian skirting board though, they fit just as well into modern homes to add that touch of period elegance.




Ogee skirting boards are another style that has remained a popular choice for quite some time now. Its sweeping curved profile combined with straight edges make it a skirting board able to adapt to different styles of interior design.

The ogee skirting board is subtly decorative without being intrusive or loud. It is an ideal skirting design to be used in both modern and traditional spaces. Our MDF skirting boards with ogee design come unfinished, allowing you to choose the exact finish you need for your Skirting Boards to complete your room decoration or match the Architrave of your choice.


Square Edge

Square edge skirting boards are a popular choice for traders and businesses. Their clean lines mean they fit into any style of room and make them particularly easy to install and maintain. Another advantage is that due to their shape, square edge skirting boards can be cut to any height or depth.

Square edge skirting boards are one of the most economical styles, so should you have a big project coming up with a smaller budget, they might just fit your needs perfectly. Not only are they easy to install, but they are also easy to paint to whichever shade you might require.




Regency skirting boards are often thought of as the same as ogee skirting boards. They are similar in design and sometimes cross over, but there are subtle differences. The main difference is that the curves on the regency skirting boards are a little softer, making them a popular choice for homeowners after something a little ‘different’.



Bullnose skirting boards are similar to the square edge skirting boards in that they are simple in shape, just with a neat curve. With a plain, single radius the bullnose design provides a clean finish that will always be in style. It is a safe option for anyone who might not be quite sure which skirting board to go for.

The bullnose is easy to maintain and clean, offering a versatility that will fit into any interior. Because of its simple design, the bullnose skirting looks effective at a wide range of heights, which isn’t always the case with skirting board profiles.


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There you have it, a round-up of some of the most popular skirting board designs and styles. We at Skirting Boards Direct are committed to providing you with the highest quality skirting boards at the best prices on the web. Should you have any queries, get in touch with us today and our customer support team will be able to assist you on your skirting boards journey!