Skirting Board Ideas to Enhance Your Interior Design

It is all too easy to forget skirting boards. After-all, they sit on top of the floor and blend in with the rest of the room. If your room is well designed and decorated then this is the ‘atmosphere’ you absorb from the room, and it is even less likely that the skirting boards will be noticed! We find this a shame – skirting boards are grand materials made with high-class quality and so they deserve to be showcased. The question is how? In this article, we will look at ways you can enhance the appeal of your skirting boards and thus add to the overall décor of the room.


Choosing a Colour for your Skirting Boards

When most people are asked to think about a colour associated with skirting boards the most popular (and traditional) answer would be ‘white.’ This doesn’t have to be the case, however, and sometimes departing from the traditional can actually increase the look of your skirting board and décor.

In our example below, the skirting board is darker, and this can be contrasted with a generally lighter overall décor (such as the wall/paper.) In this way, colour differences and mixes can work well together and the skirting board is certainly more prominent.

Not only think about colour shades but colours in their own right also. How about painting your skirting boards a shade of blue or green for example? Whilst this might sound quirky, depending on your colour scheme it can work rather well. In fact, you might find it adds an extra blast of energy and zest to the surroundings.


Choosing wallpaper

Think about your wallpaper choice – this can also compliment your skirting board profile too.

If the wallpaper is very ‘loud,’ i.e. lots of different patterns or styles, this will probably be the thing your eye becomes attracted to when looking in the area. This can then mean that the skirting easily goes un-noticed. That said, you don’t need to go for completely plain and bland wallpaper choices if you don’t want to. Be aware of how much attention your wallpaper grabs – to an extent by choosing correctly, you can control this.


Interior Lighting

Can you see your skirting boards? Think about the lighting in your room – is it strategically placed and does it shower the right areas with light (including the skirting boards?) How about taking it one step further? Having small lights put into the skirting boards is now becoming a popular choice. There is little point showcasing anything if you can’t see it on dull days or at night.

These are just three things you can think about when doing a renovation design and looking forward to the challenge of how you can present your skirting boards after.

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