Some regard mouldings as an addition to enhance the room. Others would argue that although mouldings make a room look neater, they blend into the room – sometimes seemingly unnoticed. Of course, they can do this, and if you are looking for the ‘concealed or hidden’ style then this won’t be a problem. However what about if you want to turn creative or add an extra kick of design? Read our guide on rosettes and plinth blocks and you will find out how…

What are they?

Essentially rosettes and plinth blocks can be described as the following:
* Rosette – These are generally used for flat surfaces an act as an extra decorative addition to (typically) doors or windows. They can be made from many different materials (including MDF, wood etc) and come in a variety of styles to suit every taste. Rosettes are normally cited in the corners of what they are meant to be showcasing.

Above: An example of a typical wooden rosette. You can see how it enhances the look to provide a fancy finish and focal point.
We would describe this as a ‘typical’ design of rosette – there are those which have significantly more elaborate designs, while plain and basic rosettes are also on offer. The real beauty of rosettes is the work and attention to detail that goes their production.
* Plinth Blocks – plinth blocks can be used in a wide range of areas and generally exist where the points of two moulding pieces meet. Similar to rosettes, many designs exist and these blocks are made out of a range of materials to suit the project or specification desired. Infact plinth blocks are actually very useful and purposive designs, since they act as ‘transition pieces’ around doorways. These blocks normally sit proud to allow the area to look neat and finished whilst hiding any unevenness that may exist around the casing. Plinth blocks can also be used around windows, fire places, along the main skirting at the bottom of the room or even as part of the coving.

Above: An example of how plinth block can be used around doorways – as described above.
The thing to remember with rosettes and plinth blocks is a picture paints a thousand words. No amount of describing gives the look and feel that these decorative enhancements create.
Have a look at our products page – here you will find all our range, including rosettes and plinth blocks.