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Decorate your home with the most popular colour trends for 2021

It’s coming to that time of year again, spring. Meaning spring cleaning and home decorating is a must!

2021 brings hope to us all during this pandemic which feels like forever. We finally have something to reassure us about getting back on our feet with normality and with this comes new plans, and new ideas and new home decorating trends!

Let’s get down to business, and talk about the most popular paint colour trends for 2021. Last year we started to connect with nature and had a mix of earthly and neutral colour tones throughout our homes, breaking through the never-ending grey tone trend – but what does this year bring? See our top colour picks below for decorating your home this year.

Calm grounded tones


Calm grounded tones, these are more neutral tones that many interior designers would say work fantastically as a base from which to introduce a colour highlight on the skirting boards or a door working as a contrasting compliment for design.

Calm grounded tones are both comforting and grounded colours, they don;t give you the wow factor instead they give you a natural neutral hue giving you more of a comforting and homely feel. These kinds of colours work great with natural wooden furniture like oak or pine.

Paint experts at Dulux have identified the warm and grounding neutral shade as ‘the colour that will enable people to draw upon the strength of nature to help them find the courage to embrace the future.’ After being stuck at home for so long maybe this is the home comfort you have been looking for?

Is green the new grey?

Do you remember when we all decided to take a step into the black and white world and turn all our walls and furniture grey? Well get outside and embrace the greenery cause that’s the colour that we’re all about in 2021.

Green is such a versatile colour, with endless shades from velvety dark greens, to pale earthly tones there are multiple options you can decorate your home with.

Green tones can be used all over the home and have a powerful, restorative quality to them. Painting walls in lush green is a step closer to feeling at one with nature. All of the paint experts are in agreement that homes will be embracing green more than ever over the next couple of years.

Earth to water – shades of blues


On the topic of earthy tones, we’re now taking a walk to the wild side and exploring the blues of the world.

Blue, often described as a cold colour but can be calming with the right shade of blue.
2021 is bringing in the ocean waves, watery marine shades, dark navy, warm teals, these blues all have a soothing and warming effect in the home despite their cooler undertones. Darker furniture to complement these hues should definitely be a thing to consider when decorating your home with these popular colour trends this year.

Gathering up the tones

So, try being more down to earth this year and connect with those browns, greens and blues throughout your home! We hope that by reading this post, whether you are redecorating or simply looking for colour ideas, we have helped you pick out the right natural tone for your home! The UK’s number one website for Skirting Boards

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