Interior Design Trends To Watch Out For in 2022

Another year, another opportunity to spruce up your home with the latest interior design trends. Homes are becoming an ever more important part of everyone’s lives, with the need and desire for a space that is multipurpose ever increasing. Lockdown forced many homeowners to rethink what their home really did for them, whether that was a garden (or the desire for one) where they could access fresh air and tranquillity or a lounge where everyone could feel totally comfortable and safe.


Sustainability has been at the forefront of many peoples lives for a number of years now, and this campaign is only growing, with interior design included. Fortunately, sustainability is not just a ‘trend’ anymore, but an essential part of our lives.

2022 will see more people turning to brands, materials and spaces that put sustainability at their heart. With this and the everchanging world of interior design, many are predicted to rent or upholster furniture as a way of having spaces that can be easily changed and adapted.

Light sofa with pillows against a gray wall. There are many pots of green plants behind the sofa.

Natural Materials

Following on from sustainability, natural materials, textures and objects are set to take centre stage in homes during 2022. With people spending more time than ever at home, the desire to connect with nature has become greater. Not only do homeowners want garden spaces, but they want to bring them indoors too. Examples of materials being used include:

  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Terracotta
  • Wood

Modern bathroom interior with wooden decor in eco style. 3D Render

Dual Purpose Rooms

With the impact of coronavirus still affecting our lives, working from home is set to stay. With this, the need for homes that fit both working and home life is becoming more and more essential. Not everyone has the luxury of a room or space dedicated to an office, so rooms are having to adapt.

Rooms are set to be built with dual-purpose in mind, for example, bedrooms fitted with desks, walls with built-in spaces for working and kitchen spaces that can accommodate working life in between the cooking. There are many furniture options out there to fit with this movement, that can be easily folded away or hidden outside of working hours. Essentially, homes are becoming more adaptable and flexible.


Retro and Vintage

We love a bit of vintage and it is a trend looking to emerge itself this year. Vintage and retro items not only look aesthetically pleasing, but they tick the sustainability box too with furniture, accessories and features being reused and upcycled.

Antique pieces tell a story and the opportunity to own and display totally unique features is one that most relish. Introducing a historical, heirloom, or vintage piece can transform the mood of a room from being plain and simple to complex, detailed and interesting.



Curves and texture proved themselves to be popular during 2021, and the same can be said for the forecast of 2022. There is more to the aesthetic influence of curves in a home, with positive psychological benefits drawing homeowners in. Not only are curved edges, furniture and accessories a vintage throwback, but a trend that is also very current.

As discussed throughout this blog, and we are seeing a trend, homes are becoming safe spaces. They are places where people want to feel relaxed, tranquil and safe. With this, we are seeing the movement away from harsh, sharp edges and an attraction towards smooth, round lines that evoke feels of calm.


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