Home Office Ideas

We are living in a world where most of us now need to consider – do I need a home office? Since the covid-19 pandemic began, millions of workers across the country have been forced to stay at home and set up their workspace in the spare bedroom. Even beyond the pandemic, it looks like home working will very much be here to stay.

So where do you start with a home office? If you know working from home is going to be a permanent thing for you, it is definitely worth dedicating a space in your home to store and organise everything you will need.

Home Office Health And Safety

It is important that you get the correct set up for your home office in order to work safely, comfortably and happily. Some of this includes:

Taking regular breaks from the screen
Avoiding awkward postures
Having a comfortable chair that supports your back
Having your screen at eye level
Having your wrists flat against your desk
Further advice on having a safe home office setup can be found on the HSE government website.

Home Office Organisation

You want to make sure you stay organised in your home office. Staying organised will help you work more efficiently and have clarity of mind. Having a clean, organised desk with plenty of space to move around will help with this.

Investing in a desk with plenty of drawer space is a strong start to organising your office space. Consider looking above too – floating shelves can be a great space saver and is an efficient way to lay out all of your equipment. If you’re constantly making notes with nowhere to put them, a push pin board could be the perfect solution for you.

If you are short on room, built-in shelves are a great way of maximising your office and providing storage space. Even better, a wall-mounted fold up desk will mean you can finish your working day and totally disguise your office into a normal living space!


Style Inspo for a Home Office

You want your home office space to be practical, but you also want it to be aesthetically pleasing, right? Consider where your office space is – if it forms part of another room, think about allowing it to blend in rather than being an eyesore. If you have a room dedicated to your office, however, go wild! Decorate your office in a way that makes you feel both calm and happy. You’ll be spending a lot of time in there, so it’s worth making it right!

Here are a few ideas for styles that you might want to make use of in your space:

  • Minimalistic – Neutral tones, clean lines, organisation and natural materials
  • Chic – Think dark walls, moody lighting and luxurious furniture 
  • Bright and fun – Inject pops of colour throughout your room using features such as cushions, patterned walls and quirky furniture 
  • Calming – Blankets, soft colours such as blush pink or dusty blue, light furniture and plenty of good lighting



Home Office Decor

You might have your office style inspo nailed, but what about the actual nailing (as in, DIY)? Before you decorate your office, consider what you need to prepare for. Are you having carpet or hardwood floors? Are you painting your walls or getting some wallpaper up? Are you installing finishing touches such as skirting boards and inbuilt shelving?

Before you start, make sure you have the tools, planning and help in place. Not everyone can be a DIY master, so don’t be shy of hiring professionals to get your office space ready.

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