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how to fit wall panels

Wall paneling is becoming the latest trend in home improvements. According to the latest Google data,  wall paneling has increased for daily houses and comes in all sizes. Wall panels are easy to install and take little fixing. The easy way to start is to mark the wall out to the size of panel you want and draw lines where you want to  start. If you pre-cut the panel size, you need to start and fix the uprights first and then fix  the cross section.Work out, measure your wall size first and what panel size  you  want and precut the cross sections,the best way to fir your panels is to glue them to the wall using a fast grab glue,

tools you will require to fix wall panels,

paper and pencil, tap measure, electric saw for best results, spirit level, chalk line, glue fast grab, panel pine,decoraters, decorators, chalk if required, hammer, fine sand paper,

Starting  to fix panels,

Before you start to make a drawing of the size of panels, you want to measure the wall size and decide what size panels will look good on your wall and how many panels you require before you start cutting,

There are lots of ideas on the net  for you to look at all sizes and shapes and different patterns.Have a look before you start.

Using the drawing  you have made  should help you now decide how many and what size you require upright & horizontal panels you will require to complete your design.

Mark out the wall first and have a look to see if it is the size of panel you want. If not, you can change the design.

You need to measure the wall  you want to fit your panels  using  your tape measure to work out how tall and how long your wall you want. You should already know from your design how many MDF panels you will need. If you are only making half of the wall upstairs with the first upright, then make out your top rail and you will have your height from the floor to the top of the upright.

Measure and make sure the  panels are  even and the same size. Make sure you allow for the top and bottom rail and the top and rail are the same size and all the uprights and cross rail panels required are the same.

When cutting  the uprights rails to length, make sure to check your panel sizes are correct and spaced out evenly and work out how many you require to  make your upright sections.

Then, take that total number and subtract that from your wall’s total width. Finally, divide your new figure by how many panels you’ve decided on. This will leave you with the exact size of your wall panels and your horizontal rails.

When you order your wall panel sections, make sure you allow for them. About 10% of waste is normal,

Top tip measure twice and cut once,

preparing your walls ready to fit wall panels

Make sure your walls are dry and flat. The best way is to sand down and bumps and rough sections before you start fixing your wall panels,

Fitting wall panels,start by putting the glue on the back of the panel and spread out evenly across the panel and then put it on the wall on your first line and press on to the wall. Make sure to check it is  upright by using the spirit level and then check your space before you put on the second rail.

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example of MDF wall paneling