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Why You Should Fully Finish Your Skirting Boards

There are many different finishes of skirting boards. The team at Skirting Boards Direct are able to advise you on which finish is best for the type of skirting boards you have, whether it be MDFHDF or normal wooden skirting boards. We can assist you in making the right choices when ordering your skirting boards and will help you to establish how to achieve your desired look and finish to your skirting boards.

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Skirting Board Finish Options:

When purchasing skirting boards, you can choose from 3 options:

  • You can choose an unprimed skirting board if you want to apply the primer and finish yourself. 
  • Primed skirting or fully finished skirting are also popular options – which essentially means it has been primed and painted prior to you purchasing it. 

Unprimed Skirting Board


Unprimed skirting boards do not have any primer or paint applied to them. The skirting will be in its raw state and will appear to be a light brown or green colour. You cannot install unprimed skirting boards and leave the wood unprotected, woods like oak and pine can be varnished to ensure they are sealed and then painted. MDF must be primed before painting as applying paint directly to this material will give uneven, grainy results.

Any unprimed MDF skirting will need to be primed prior to painting as MDF is not suitable to be painted directly on to. MDF stands for medium density fibreboard and is engineered from wood fibres – painting directly on to this type of material will result in a grainy and un-smooth texture so be sure to apply a primer before painting if you order unprimed skirting board.

Primed Skirting Board

All MDF skirting boards require at least one coat of primer we recommend two applied, unless you purchase your skirting boards pre primed; this means the skirting board will be ready to paint when you receive it.  The biggest advantage of pre-primed skirting board is time-saving – by pre priming any kind of skirting board, you will save hours in priming time.

Fully Finished Skirting Board

If you are looking to save time and want a superior finish then choosing a fully finished skirting board is an excellent option. All of our products have the ability to be made to your bespoke requirements.  Take a look at our full range of skirting board products here, or get in touch with our friendly team if you have any further questions. The UK’s number one website for Skirting Boards

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