Decorating Your Home With Skirting Boards

Why Choose Skirting Boards?

Skirting boards are something that has been present in interior design for years. The primary purpose of them is to cover up uneven joints and gaps where your wall meets your floor. However other than practicality, skirting boards can elevate a room to a new dimension, all you have to do is get a little creative with them.

Timeless Skirting Boards

Sometimes simple is the best way forward, and a timeless skirting board style is plain and neutral. No bevels, no bold colours, just a smooth white finish. These types of skirting board can add elegance to any room and enhance the natural colours present. If you live in a more traditional property with cornicing for example, a classic style of skirting board is decorative and ornate. These are usually higher in depth and plain in colour, allowing for the detail of the other features in your room to shine through. If you have a room with lower ceilings, you may want to opt for a shorter skirting board to lengthen the appearance of your walls.

Classic profiles for these types of skirting boards are lambs tongue, Georgian and ogee. It isn’t always about the shape though, the colour and material of skirting boards can transform a room in a different way. Deep, dark wooden skirting boards ooze with style, especially when paired with traditional wooden flooring.

deep blue interior design

Vibrant Skirting Boards

If you are after something a little more out there with your skirting boards, get your painting gloves on. It may be that you have a patterned wallpaper which requires the perfect accompaniment, or a plain wall that is crying out for a splash of colour. Skirting boards allow for all of this, you just have to get the tone and shade right. And for a perfect finish, don’t forget the gloss. If you are going for a more rustic approach, leave the gloss and allow your skirting boards to age in their natural matte state.

purple interior design

Colour Coordinated Skirting Boards

If you are opting for a more fresh modern look, pair your skirting boards with the colour of your wall. This will allow the accessories and furnishings in your room to sing and act as a beautiful blank canvas for any room. Make sure you use the same shade of paint for your walls and skirting boards, you want to make sure that the match is exact.

plain interior design

Get in Touch

Remember to let your imagination run free when it comes to skirting boards, they don’t have to be a boring element of the room. With a little creativity and style, skirting boards can be the cherry on the top of your interior design cake that you never knew you needed. Skirting boards direct have a vast selection of skirting boards for you to choose from, with over 150 skirting profiles in stock. We ship all over the UK and Europe, with our products handmade and manufactured in our Birmingham base. There’s nothing to wait for, get in touch with us today and order your bespoke skirting boards!