Decorating Your Home in Lockdown

A global pandemic hit the world at the beginning of 2020 and none of us can say it was expected. To help save lives and stay safe, many of us have been instructed to stay at home and minimise contact with other persons. Whilst many are lucky enough to be able to work from home, the majority of the UK has been furloughed and left with little to do during this uncertain time. If you are looking for things to do in lockdown, decorating your home could be the perfect solution. Whether it is painting your walls, installing flooring or adding skirting boards, a little bit of DIY is sure to keep you busy for days.



With the government restrictions, it is not advisable to employ a decorator or builder to help you with the decorating. Our skirting boards are designed for easy installation which you can do yourself, without having to need experience. We can offer advice on how to install skirting boards which is a process that is easier than it might look. If you can paint the walls, why not install a few skirting boards too? It might be the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill or hobby, alongside all of those walks in the park that you will have been taking.

Skirting Boards

Many people underestimate how much skirting boards can elevate and finish off a room. We offer a variety of skirting board profiles to suit every house, including MDF skirting boards, oak skirting boards and skirting boards that can be painted. If you are renovating your whole house or room, we also offer a variety of other products that are available online including dado rails, window sills and door frames. With such a selection, you are spoilt for choice and can ensure that all of your interior decor is cohesive in style and material.


Finishing Touches

You might be wanting to convert your room into a fresh bright space, in which case you can paint your skirting boards and walls a clean shade of white. This can help to increase the size of a room and serves as a great canvas for accessories and furnishings. You might, however, want to talk a bolder approach and paint your skirting boards a more colourful playful shade, or install grand and intricate profiles of skirting board. Whatever your choice of design, decorating will be a great way to get that sense of achievement during the lockdown and make a fresh start in your home.

Get in Touch With Skirting Boards Direct

Whatever it is that you might be doing in your home during the lockdown, Skirting Boards Direct is here to help you. We are pleased to be able to continue our online service and get the products that you need to be delivered to your door. We adapt our service to your needs and aim to offer the highest quality at all times. For further information and details, please get in touch with us today.