Creating a Victorian style home


In this article, we will look at some ideas and tips for how to create the perfect Victorian-style home. You will see how the skirting and other woodwork play an important part in this, but we will provide you with other pointers also.

The Victorian era covers the mid-1800’s (give or take) and it was a period in our history where wealthy residents decorated their homes to a high standard as an indication of displaying their wealth. To that end, grand styles and big patterns were the fashion, and this is confirmed in what we regard as Victorian today.

As you can see from the picture there is nothing better than a traditional looking Victorian room. The old and period charm brings a style of class that is second to none. What makes this theme so good looking?

Here are some general pointers to consider:

  • The addition of wood is important. As you can see from the picture there are wood products or objects scattered about the room which give it the old and traditional look.
  • Think about your furniture and other objects which you buy. Again this is evidenced well from the picture. Adding items that look like they belong on the set of Downton Abbey is the sort of style you are trying to achieve. Whilst these items can be a little more expensive they are worth every penny when in your own surroundings and look fabulous.
  • One of the best pieces of advice we can give is this: as much and as best as possible, try and reuse a lot of the existing fabric of the building/room – especially if the house is old. This adds to the authentic nature of the Victorian style and you can even ‘polish’ these items up to mix the modern with the traditional – this works well also.

Victorian skirting boards were characterised by their height and this tended to add to the contrast and the volume of the room. Today this look can be achieved with deep skirting boards which are able to mimic that design. Another feature of Victorian rooms was the inclusion of grand coving (which can also be thought of as a skirting board for the ceiling.) The fancier the coving the better, as this was another feature the Victorians were very fond of. Again, today this can be replicated quite easily. Victorians were also into their paintings and prints very much, as so the concept of picture rails was born – providing a convenient way to hang items. Coupled with dado rails and ceiling roses extra pattern and style were aplenty.

As you have probably gathered by now, all of the above items are readily and easily accessible today. Wanting to create a Victorian-style home or room is not as difficult as you may think, and it certainly isn’t a thing of the past!

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