Christmas Decorating Ideas

Tis’ the season to decorate your house with all of the Christmas decorations! We love the festive season here at Skirting Boards Direct and all of the sparkle, cosiness and food that comes with it. We have seen a few trends emerging in the world of Christmas interior design and decorating so thought we would some up some of our favourites.

Christmas Colour Schemes

So insta-worthy, right? The modern age has brought with it the passion for matching colour schemes and themes in houses, and that is especially true at Christmas time. Christmas lovers go wild for a satisfying home design picture and a matching colour scheme that allows for extra wow-factor. Some of our favourites are:

  • Frosty Blue
  • Glitter and Gold
  • Traditional Green and Red
  • Scandinavian White Minimalism
  • Sumptuous Silver



Christmas Sustainability

Sustainability is rightly becoming ever more of an important part of people’s lives, whether it be in businesses, the public or our homes. This year we will be reaching for Christmas decorations that are both aesthetically and environmentally friendly. It has been a focus across the world so it will be no different this festive season.

Reusable or recyclable crackers are a great way to stick to tradition without having an adverse effect on the environment. Reusable crackers can be made with cloth whilst recyclable crackers are available in materials such as brown paper.

One of the best things about Christmas decorations is that they can be reused every single year, removing the need to buy more whenever the festive season comes back around. If you are after a Christmas tree, a great way to make sure they are not wasted is to rent them from local farms – all you have to do is pick it up from the supplier, take care of it through the festive season and return it to be replanted for next year. We think that is a win-win solution!


Real Christmas Trees

On sustainability, you may be thinking fake trees that can be reused are more environmentally friendly. However, that is not necessarily the case – unless you are planning on keeping your fake tree for your lifetime. In fact, one study concluded you’d have to use your fake fir for 20 years for it to be greener.

Real Christmas trees will never go out of style – they bring the outdoors in (an already popular trend this year) in a magical and festive way. The Nordmann Fir is said to be one of the most popular trees – ‘If you’re looking for a more traditional feel this Christmas, the Nordmann Fir is still hugely popular across the UK and Europe. Its even shape and somewhat sparse branches have graced British homes for decades and will bring an authentic, nostalgic feel to your home,’ Jennifer Derry, interior design expert and EVP Merchandising at Balsam Hill, explains.

Nostalgic Christmas Decor

After a year (or two) of trials, challenges and overcoming, Christmas is the time to reflect on all the good and enjoy precious time with loved ones. Nostalgic Christmas decor is the perfect way to evoke those happy, memorable feelings and add a unique, personal touch to your home. In the past year, many of us realised how important tradition is, especially when lockdown restrictions meant we couldn’t celebrate in the usual way.

‘Using vintage ornaments, old crockery and passed down tablecloths not only evokes the best of memories of the past but is also environmentally friendly.’ Alexandra Jurkiewicz, Creative Lead at Helen Green Design says.

Silver and Gold

You can’t go wrong with incorporating silver and gold into your Christmas decorations and themes. What other time of year do you have the excuse to glitz and glam your home? Modern, paired back and Scandinavian style interiors continue to grace British homes and silver and gold blend perfectly with this muted colour palette. If you have lots of wood in your home e.g with your skirting boards, furnishings and window sills for example, silver and gold accessories will adorn the simple look perfectly.

There you have it, some of our favourite trends for Christmas interior design and decoration. What are yours? For further design inspiration read our blog or if you are looking to get on with some DIY, browse our range of products including skirting boards, architraves, flooring and much more.