Autumn Interior Design Trends 2021

September. How did that happen? Whilst we are sad to say goodbye to the summer months, Autumn is approaching and we are looking forward to a whole new season of interior design trends.

Autumn 2021 interior design is set to follow on from the trends that have been present all year, all of them elegantly merging into more warm, cosy and natural vibes. We have summed up some of our favourites below.

Wooden Warmth

Warm, neutral tones are always in style and there is no better time to introduce them into your home than in Autumn. We love mustard, orange and terracotta tones which blend beautifully with wooden furnishings.

A subtle but effective way to introduce a warm wooden touch into your room is with your skirting boards. We offer a range of beautiful wooden skirting board options that don’t need to be painted or covered, including:

Tactile Textures

We love textures and this is a trend that can be introduced into rooms in a variety of ways. Layers are in and textures are a great way to showcase two trends at once with your interior design. Textures make a room feel extra cosy, some of our favourite ways to incorporate them are with blankets, cushions, textured furniture and soft furnishings such as bamboo baskets and pouffes.



Go Green

Green is a rich, luxurious colour and one that is set to be popular this season. If you are missing the variety of plants more available in the summer months, try showcasing green colours in your home to bring back the natural vibes.

This connection to nature has been popular throughout the interior design in 2021 and we hope it is here to stay for many years to come. Our favourite shades include forest green, olive green and emerald green. Each evokes a sense of intimacy and calm in a space and it’s not just us that feels it, science has proven that simply looking at green can lift stressful emotions. Whether it be on your walls, in your accessories or through your furniture, green is the way to go this season.



Cosy Corners

Following on from the intimate, cosy vibes – snug corners are becoming a popular way to section up a room and create different spaces to suit everyone. We love cosy reading corners that can be used all year round but are especially appealing during the colder months. Find a small space in your home that is quiet and makes you feel calm, add a comfortable chair, table and lamp and there you have it – a dedicated space for you to unwind and get lost in your favourite book.



Smart Shapes

Shapes are being ever more considered in interior design recently, with funky, curved shapes that seem to be inspired by the 60s/70s look proving popular all year. The art of sculpture has been around for hundreds of years and it is still a stylish way to accessorise your home.

We love round, curved shapes combined with straight lines and geometric shapes. Furniture such as coffee tables and chairs are a great way to play with this trend. For a more subtle approach, try accessories such as candle holders, sculptural ornaments and practical additions such as trays and storage containers.




There you have it, some of our favourite interior design trends this Autumn. We’re ready for it, are you? Skirting Boards Direct offer a wide range of products to help finish your home including window sills, skirting boards, door frames and wooden floorboards. Browse our range online today or get in touch to find out more about our services.