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You are looking at > Oak Architrave > Oak Lambs Tongue Architrave
oak lambs tongue architrave
oak lambs tongue architrave

Skirting Boards
oak and mdf Skirting boards provide a decorative finish, to hide the joint between the oak  floor and wall, and your skirting board protects the walls from kicks knocks. In old daysoak and mdf  skirting boards were very high so much so that they were often fitted skirting boards in two sections of skirting boards to achieve the height. Over the years the height  has been gradually reduced as fashions have changed, so that it could be said that by the seventies the stage was reached where the opposite extreme had been reached, going from large and ornate oak skirting boards to small and plain.  However in more recent years, the trend in oak skirting boards fashion has struck a more of a happy medium where 125mm or 150mm 170mm and 200mm boards are now more commonplace. we also make other skirting boards in mdf and most hardwoods. we make mdf skirting boards in 225mm 250mm 270mm 300mm 350mm and 400mm. we can match most profiles in mdf and oak.


we now offer a finishing service.


Item code & description Price Order
oak lambs tongue oak lambs tongue arch 69mm wide set
oak arch oak lambs tongue arch 69 x 20 x 3 metre
oak 95mm oak lambs tongue arch 95mm wide set
oak 95mm oak lambs tongue architrave 95 x 20 x 3 metre 20.00
finish option oil or varnish finish price per set 3.92
glue in tubes glue for fixing skirting 3.88

You are looking at > Oak Architrave > Oak Lambs Tongue Architrave
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oak lambs tongue architrave

oak lambs tongue architrave
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